Ростов-на-Дону, Россия
ООО ''Март Ростов Сувениры и Подарки''

ООО "Март Ростов Сувениры и Подарки"


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Galina Demchuk, 
Director of Mart-Rostov, a medium-sized firm that produces magnets and other souvenirs with images of Rostov and other cities.




Q: Why did you choose manufacturing souvenirs? 
A: I received a salary of 4,800 rubles as a mathematics teacher at State Don Technical University and had to pay 4,500 rubles in utilities fees. So I quit to start my own business. Souvenirs with city images appeared to be in high demand. Images of small towns are especially popular, not Moscow or St. Petersburg, which are full of souvenirs.

Q: Who are your main customers? 
A: When I started the business five years ago, we focused only on Rostov-on-Don. Now we supply our products to 154 Russian cities, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, with big souvenir companies being the main clients. We have many customers. My workday starts at 3 a.m. and finishes at 9 p.m. — and that’s great!

Q: What makes your business successful? 
A: A large assortment, low prices and small output. My magnets sell for 10 rubles to 15 rubles each, which is possible because of low production costs. It costs me 4 rubles 30 kopeks to make a magnet: The plastic cover costs 4 rubles, and it costs 30 kopeks to print a city photo on the color printer. Also, our small output makes it possible to order just 10 items, which is convenient.

Q: Which problems do you face? 
A: Exporting products across the border. Customs fees are very high. Many companies want to collaborate with me because I have low prices. I’d like to work with China and Germany, and the Czech Republic is also very interested.

Q: What sights are worth seeing in Rostov? 
A: The Rostov Academic Drama Theater and the Rostov State Opera and Ballet Theater are worth visiting. There are also a huge number of things in the Rostov region, including Stanitsa Vyoshenskaya and Stanitsa Starocherkasskaya and Taganrog. The view of the Orthodox cathedral in Novocherkassk is breathtaking: a huge cathedral on a huge square. You’ll never see anything like this in Paris or London.

— Irina Filatova 

Всегда в наличии!
Собственное производство
Минимальный заказ 4990 рублей

Прямоугольные акриловые магниты
85*60 мм (вставка 75*50 мм) прозрачные
от 500 шт. - 9,98 руб. 
от 1000 шт. - 9,58 руб. 
от 5000 штук
 - 8,98 руб.
от 10000 штук
 - 8,58 руб.

 Прямоугольные акриловые магниты
86*60 см цветные (вставка 7,5 на 5 см) - разных цветов 
(красные , синие, зеленые, желтые, коричневые)
от 500 шт. - 9,98 руб. 
от 1000 шт. - 9,58 руб. 
от 5000 штук
 - 8,98 руб.
от 10000 штук
 - 8,58 руб.

При первой закупке возможна 
сборка 500 штук ассорти
всех цветов или прямоугольников русского размера

ВНИМАНИЕ: Все акриловые магниты
поставляются в комплекте 
с полипропиленовыми пакетами
с клеевой полосой.
В одной упаковке - 500 штук.

Городские сувениры оптом:
магниты - 90 видов,
колокольчики, тарелочки,
кружечки, брелки!
Сайты mart-rostov.ru

Заказ сувениров Ростова-на-Дону оптом 

Сувениры на заказ в розницу: 
магниты, кружки, брелоки, футболки.
Сайт http://mart161.ru/